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The “Perfect” Eye

By Dr. Soheila Rostami & Dr Maryam Nazemzadeh
Oculofacial Plastic Surgeons
Sanctuary Cosmetic Center

Your eyes should be the windows to your soul, not to your age. As oculofacial plastic surgeons, we see your eyes as the windows to years gone by. The majority of our patients are seeking rejuvenation of their eyelids and surrounding area, which is a reasonable request considering the influence this area has on overall facial appearance. Everyone’s eyes are different, but the common complaints seem to be the same: tired-looking eyes that appear sad, or simply old. From droopy upper lids, to puffy lower lids, dark circles and hollowness, the eye area is what expresses your emotional state, your health and well-being and your age. Studies have shown that eyes that appear old, tired or sad have a negative impact on one’s social life and in the workplace.

So the search continues for “the perfect eye” and the best techniques or combination of techniques that can dramatically improve the look of the eyelids and surrounding area. We offer techniques that center on creating a youthful appearance. The techniques range from the surgical, such as an upper and lower lid surgery and fat repositioning and grafting, to non-surgical such as laser treatment, fillers and neuromodulators.

Eyelid Lift Surgery: With this surgery, excess eyelid skin and fat is removed from the upper and or lower eyelids, reducing hooding and puffiness. The surgery is quick, performed under local sedation and requires very little downtime. The result and overall aesthetic of the eye is dramatic, giving you not only a wider and more beautiful–looking eye, but a more youthful appearance as well. Both men and women enjoy their results afterwards, noting that they appear well-rested and look and feel five to ten years younger!

Fat Repositioning and Fat Grafting: The new approach to rejuvenating the eye area and tear trough is fat preservation and fat grafting. In this technique, the patient’s own fat pockets under the eyes are retained, preserved and repositioned to replenish the under eye area. This can be combined with the use of the patient’s own fat to augment and replenish the hollowed appearance under the eyes. Structural fat grafting is a new technique that moves away from removing skin to accomplish a youthful appearance and instead relies on adding fat instead of subtracting.

Laser Treatments: New lasers such as Sciton’s Halo and BBL, offer hybrid fractional treatments and promise “ablative results with non-ablative downtime.” By dialing a particular wavelength, your physician can customize and deliver the exact treatment you need for unrivaled results and with little or no downtime. Both upper and lower lids can be treated safely with this technique.

Dermal Fillers and Botox: Non-animal derived hyaluronic acid based fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm, offer great results for the correction of hollows at the upper cheek or under eye area. The results obtained with such fillers are instant, and soft and the correction is natural, lasting up to six months.

We recommend an in-person consultation with a board certified oculofacial surgeon. Your oculofacial surgeon understands the subtleties of the eye area, is trained to work with a variety of eyelid shapes and is able to successfully customize your outcome to match your natural facial aesthetics.

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