Breast Reduction

Reduce the Size of Your Breasts 

What is Breast Reduction? 

Breast reduction is a procedure aimed at reducing the size of the breasts and alleviating symptoms associated with having overly large breasts. The goal of breast reduction is to allow better mobility, less chafing, reduced back pain, and an overall increase in quality of life. With a personalized procedure, breast reduction can allow you to feel more confident and comfortable from day to day. 

Why Sanctuary Cosmetic Center? 

At Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, we take a personalized approach to each patient, understanding the unique impact of having overly large breasts. We’ll work with you to understand your unique concerns and find the best possible ways to achieve your intended results. 

Review Star
Review Star

“Dr. Rostami is caring about people’s needs and their desire to feel better in their own skin. She is very serious about her work, and takes her passion very seriously in what she does for other people. She is conservative because she wants you to look your best and I appreciate never giving me more than what I need. She’s a wonderful doctor.”

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Am I A Good Candidate for Breast Reduction? 

Good candidates for breast reduction are women with breasts that are too large for their figure. Candidates often experience symptoms such as back pain, trouble breathing or exercising, chafing, and difficulty finding well-fitting clothes. You should be in overall good health and able to undergo surgery. During a consultation, our team will review your medical history and determine if breast reduction is right for you. 

Benefits of Breast Reduction 

The benefits of breast reduction include: 

  • Reduced back pain 
  • Better clothing fit 
  • Enhanced confidence 
  • Better body proportions 
  • Reduced chafing and infection 
  • Better mobility 

The Breast Reduction Procedure 

Breast reduction is performed using general anesthesia. Our team will discuss the incision options at length during your consultation. Once an incision has been made, our team will remove breast tissue and perform liposuction on the surrounding area. A breast lift may be performed as well, depending on the degree of sagging. Once complete, you can return home to recover. 

Soheila Rostami, MD, FAAO, FAACS

Soheila Rostami, MD, FAAO, FAACS

Medical Director and CEO


Soheila Rostami, MD, FAAO, FAACS, is the Medical Director and CEO of Sanctuary Cosmetic Center in McLean, Virginia. She is passionate about creating individualized…

Breast Reduction Results 

Breast reduction can produce immediate results, although it will take several weeks for swelling to subside. During your recovery, our team will provide detailed aftercare instructions. Most importantly, you will wear a surgical bra to support your new breasts. Within 1-2 months, you will be fully recovered and ready to enjoy your results. 

Schedule a Consultation 

To learn more about breast reduction, contact Sanctuary Cosmetic Center and schedule a consultation. We serve the greater Washington, D.C. areas of McLean, Arlington, Odrick’s Corner, and Falls Church. 

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