Liquid Vs. Surgical: Which Facelift Option Is Right For You

While some patients are more inclined to undergo an injectable liquid facelift, others prefer a surgical approach, with longer-lasting options.

It’s not uncommon for women and men to begin contemplating a facial rejuvenation procedure in their 40’s and 50’s.

Continue reading to discover the differences between a liquid vs. surgical facelift and learn which facelift option is right for you.

Liquid Vs. Surgical Facelift – Invasiveness

A liquid facelift is nonsurgical and uses dermal fillers and neurotoxin injections to restore volume and counteract signs of aging.

surgical facelift is a surgical procedure that involves incisions, removing excess skin, tightening lax muscles, and tightening skin.

What’s The Difference In Anesthesia?

An injectable facelift is often conducted with a topical or local numbing agent. As a result, patients remain fully awake during treatment and can drive themselves home after.

A surgical facelift is performed with either general anesthesia or local anesthesia and IV infusions in Northern Virginia.

Patients will need to arrange a ride home from the procedure and someone to stay with them for the first 24 hours.

Liquid Vs. Surgical Facelift – Results

While a liquid facelift can rejuvenate skin and revitalize appearance, it cannot actually lift tissue or provide the same degree of correction as a surgical facelift.

On the other hand, a surgical facelift is capable of complete facial recontouring, with more dramatic, yet natural-looking, results.

What’s The Difference In Longevity?

Longevity is another area where a liquid and surgical facelift differ.

An injectable facelift provides temporary results that can last 6-18 months.

This is in stark contrast to a surgical facelift that achieves a more refreshed and youthful appearance for at least 8-12 years, if not longer.

Liquid Vs. Surgical Facelift – Patient Satisfaction

In the hands of a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon, both facelift procedures can yield favorable outcomes.

However, a liquid facelift tends to produce short-term patient satisfaction, while a surgical facelift usually creates long-term patient satisfaction.

Schedule A Consult For Facelift In Northern Virginia

If you are considering a liquid facelift or a surgical facelift in Northern Virginia, please contact our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Rostami and Dr. Naz.

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