Coolsculpting Elite vs. Liposonix for Body Contouring: What You Should Know

Coolsculpting Elite vs. Liposonix for Body Contouring: What You Should Know

You watch what you eat. You exercise. But you’re still left with deposits of stubborn fat that won’t budge. It’s a common problem for most of us. Fortunately, some treatments can help eliminate fat deposits — and do it without surgery.

In fact, noninvasive fat reduction treatments are so popular that nearly 400,000 treatments are performed annually in the United States. That’s about twice as many traditional liposuction procedures.

As a top-rated aesthetics practice in McLean and Dulles, Virginia, Sanctuary Cosmetic Center offers both CoolSculpting® Elite and Liposonix® to help women and men get the sexy, toned contours they want — without surgery. Here’s what Soheila Rostami, MD, FAAO, FAACS, and Joseph K. Davidson, MD, FACS, want you to know about these two innovative body contouring solutions.

CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting has been around for some time, recognized as an effective treatment for “freezing away” unwanted fat. Recently, the scientific team behind CoolSculpting technology released its next-generation system — CoolSculpting Elite — featuring an array of applicators designed to hug the body’s natural contours.

The FDA has cleared the new Elite system to treat stubborn fat in nine problem areas, including:

  • Belly
  • Back
  • Thigh 
  • Flank
  • Buttocks
  • Arm
  • Face

The newly designed applicators were created to provide a better and more comfortable fit for optimal distribution of cooling energy during treatment.

CoolSculpting works by targeting stubborn fat tissue and applying “cold energy” that freezes fat cell walls, so they become brittle (a process called cryolipolysis). The fat cell walls break down over time, and your body removes the waste naturally, revealing slimmer, sleeker contours.


Liposonix also targets stubborn pockets of resistant fat. But instead of using “cold energy” to freeze fat cells, the Liposonix system uses ultrasound energy — the same energy used in diagnostic imaging.

Liposonix delivers “concentrated” ultrasound energy directly to those stubborn fat cells. The energy waves gently heat the fat cells, melting the cell walls and liquefying fat. Over the following weeks, your body eliminates the fatty debris through your natural “waste removal” system.

While CoolSculpting is effective for both larger and smaller areas of unwanted fat, Liposonix is a better choice for smaller areas where more precision is needed. Because it uses heat, it can also help tighten up loose skin.

Choosing the right option

Most people have a pretty clear idea of their aesthetic goals. But it’s not easy knowing which treatment will help you get the desired results. 

Dr. Rostami and Dr. Davidson have significant experience getting rid of stubborn fat and smoothing puckered cellulite. When you come in for your initial evaluation, they’ll review your concerns and evaluate your needs, recommending the treatment option to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re ready to unveil a slimmer body and a more confident you, book an appointment online or over the phone with the team at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center today.


We look forward to seeing how we can help you achieve a new level of confidence. Contact our team to set up a private consultation and explore everything we have to offer at Washington, D.C.’s premier cosmetic provider.

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