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Liposonix In Virginia

Non-Surgical Permanent Fat Reduction For Washington D.C. Area Patients

Losing weight can be a challenge. Your body has a way of fighting you every step of the way. In fact, recent studies suggest that your body may actively be trying to return you to your previous weight—you get hungrier and the areas of fat around your body get more stubborn. That’s why those last few inches can be so very frustrating. Sometimes, no matter how much you diet or how hard you exercise, your body simply is not going to cooperate. In some cases, that means the only way to get rid of those extra inches—and complete your transformation—is with a cosmetic procedure such as Liposonix.

As a non-invasive alternative to liposuction (the more traditional way to remove unwanted fat), body contouring with the Liposonix system, which uses high intensity ultrasound based energy, can help eliminate unwanted fat without the need for surgery. This makes Liposonix an appealing option to many busy Washington D.C. area residents and professionals who don’t have time for several weeks of recovery. The procedure itself can usually be completed in less than an hour and most patients are free to return to work immediately thereafter. The Lipsonix system gained its popularity based on a 1 treatment, 1 hour, 1 size smaller treatment.

After a Liposonix treatment, most patients report a modest but noticeable loss of weight, usually around one pants size. This procedure is perfect for people looking to lose that last inch or two and in particular around the abdomen and waist line. If you’re looking for Liposonix in Washington D.C. or the surrounding Metropolitan area, contact the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center in Northern Virginia right away to get started!

Am I A Good Candidate For Liposonix?

There are many good fat mitigation options on the market today, including CoolSculpting, Liposuction, and, of course, Liposonix. With so many choices, it can be difficult for patients and consumers to determine the best way to proceed. During your consultation with Dr. Rostami, you will discuss how appropriate a treatment such as Liposonix might be for achieving your desired results. However, most of our liposuction patients exhibit at least some of the following characteristics:

  • Small and stubborn areas of fat (it’s important to note that these areas of fat are not always around the belly area; liposonix can be used to treat areas of fat all over the body)
  • Areas of fat that seem immune to diet and exercise
  • An aversion to liposuction or surgery more broadly
  • Not a good candidate for liposuction for any reason
  • Desire a quick procedure with no downtime
  • Want to return to work immediately
  • Want subtle, modest, natural looking results
  • Have realistic expectations about what this procedure can accomplish

During your consultation, you will discuss the best way to achieve your desired look on the timeline that you want to achieve it.

How Does Liposonix Work?

“Melting” fat away without the need for surgery may sound like fantasy or science fiction, but it’s actually the amazing real world we live in. Liposonix is a particularly clever application of ultrasound technology. The same basic technology that forms the bedrock of various diagnostic tools (such as the Ultrasound scan a woman may get when she is pregnant) is now used to mitigate problematic areas of fat. By directing the ultrasound energy to a specific wavelength, surgeons are able to “target” the fat in your body.

After all, ultrasound is basically just a powerful sound wave. When this sound wave is directed at the wall of a fat cell, the wall breaks down and the fat cell is eliminated. Because of the difference in fat and skin cells, the fat cells are the only part of the body affected by this procedure, making Liposonix a great way to eliminate fat but do no harm to any other area of the body. Once the fat cells break down, they are slowly absorbed into the body, leaving you looking slimmer and helping to eliminate that area of fat.

The Liposonix Procedure

One of the primary advantages of Liposonix is that the procedure is over in relatively short period of time. In most cases, the Liposonix procedure will take no more than an hour, depending on the size of the area you would like treated. For most of the procedure, your medical professional will move the Liposonix hand piece along the area to be treated. In most cases, patients do not feel any discomfort. In some cases, patients may experience prickling, tingling, cold or warmth, but these sensations are usually described as being quite mild.

The hand piece will generally be moved slowly and methodically along the treated area. Most patients target their abdomen and waistline, but Liposonix can be used on the thighs or other areas of the body as well. Once this is complete, the patient will be allowed to leave and return to most normal activities. The overall process should not take more than an hour.

Liposonix Results And Recovery

There is no “recovery” from Liposonix, necessarily. Patients are allowed to return to all normal activities the moment their procedure is done. There may be some redness or discomfort after your procedure, but most patients have described these symptoms as mild and they tend to dissipate relatively quickly. Optimal results from Liposonix treatments become visible within 8-12 weeks after your procedure, although you should notice progressive fat reduction up until that point.

Liposonix is a great way for patients to get slimming results without the need for surgery. If you are looking to drop a dress or pants size or two and you have found that diet and exercise simply aren’t helping, Liposonix at the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center is an excellent option for you. With this procedure, you can look and feel more slender and youthful in a matter of minutes. If you’re tired of squeezing into your pants, contact us today to get started with a confidential consultation.

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