Aesthetic Insiders Predict Injectable Trends For 2020

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Injectables like Botox and dermal fillers will continue to reign supreme in 2020. In fact, the growing number of treatment applications are expected to give way to several exciting injectable trends in the new year.

4 Injectable Trends Insiders Are Predicting In 2020

Injectables As Alternatives To Surgery

When it comes to predicting injectable trends for 2020, we can expect to see an increase in patients opting for injectables over surgery. In fact, insiders predict a rise in nonsurgical rhinoplasty, which corrects nasal irregularities with dermal fillers and avoids incisions, anesthesia, and downtime.

Nonsurgical jaw contouring will also be a popular trend in the new year, as more patients seek to refine their profile and sculpt their jawline with strategically-placed fillers.

Advanced Injectables That Are Faster-Acting And Longer-Lasting

Thanks to technological advancements, 2020 injectables will offer quicker onset and greater longevity.

Allergan, the company that manufactures Botox and Juvederm, is currently working on a new neurotoxin after acquiring Bonti that will be able to smooth wrinkles faster than current injectables.

Additionally, future fillers will offer patients pain-free treatments, with longer-lasting results.

Lip Fillers For Subtle And Over-The-Top Enhancement

Experts predicting injectable trends for 2020 anticipate that lip injections will continue to be in high-demand.

While some individuals will turn to hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm and Restylane to give their lips a more hydrated appearance, others will seek treatment for more over-the-top plumping and fullness.

Expanding Neurotoxin Applications

Although neurotoxins like Botox continue to be the most-requested cosmetic treatment, their therapeutic indications, for treatment of muscle spasticity, overactive bladder, and potentially major depressive disorder, are projected to expand in 2020.

Learn More About Injectable Trends For 2020

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