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Brow Lift Specialist

Sanctuary Cosmetic Center

Plastic Surgery located in McLean, VA

If you have droopy or heavy eyebrows that irritate you, turn to Sanctuary Cosmetic Center in McLean, Virginia, for premium care. The board-certified plastic surgeons specialize in brow lifts to give you the aesthetically pleasing, younger-looking brows you desire, with minimal downtime. Schedule a consultation by phone or online today.

Brow Lift Q&A

What is a brow lift?

Brow lift surgery, also known as a forehead lift, at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center is a surgical procedure in which your surgeon lifts your forehead to reduce brow and forehead heaviness. Doing so can improve drooping eyebrows, reduce forehead wrinkles, and diminish vertical frown lines between your eyebrows.

Is a brow lift right for me?

To find out if you’re a good candidate for a brow lift, your Sanctuary Cosmetic Center provider reviews your medical history and desired outcome and examines your face. The procedure might be right for you if you have:

  • Excess skin in your upper eyelids
  • Horizontal wrinkles on your forehead
  • Frown lines
  • A downward-shifted forehead
  • Droopy, sagging brows
  • Heavy eyebrows

Your provider might recommend combining facelift surgery, eyelid lift surgery, Botox®, Dysport®, or laser skin tightening with a brow lift to enhance your results and give you the best outcome.

What happens during brow lift procedures?

Every patient is different, which is why your surgeon tailors each treatment to your personalized needs. They might recommend surgical or nonsurgical minimally invasive procedures to help you achieve the look you desire.

Sanctuary Cosmetic Center completes brow lift surgeries on-site in its state-of-the-art, certified surgical suite. Your brow lift might include:

Direct eyebrow ptosis repair

Direct eyebrow ptosis repair is a procedure in which your cosmetic surgeon makes an incision directly above your eyebrows or furrows and removes excess skin. The procedure helps reduce heavy foreheads, especially in older male patients with thick forehead skin.

Internal eyebrow ptosis repair

Your surgeon might complete internal eyebrow ptosis repair along with upper blepharoplasty, which is a surgery that corrects drooping eyelids. They make an incision, dissect part of your eyebrow, and lift the brow with sutures. The procedure works well for women who desire high-arched eyebrows.

Trichophytic brow lift

During a trichophytic brow lift, your surgeon makes an incision along your hairline to lift your forehead. It results in reductions in forehead wrinkles and glabellar lines. The procedure is ideal if you have thick hair and don’t plan to pull your hair back, as hairline scars may be visible.

Endoscopic-assisted eyebrow lift

Endoscopic-assisted eyebrow lifts are more complex procedures. During surgery, your cosmetic surgeon makes small incisions in your hairline to produce little visible scarring. The procedure is ideal for men with frontal hair loss.

What should I expect during my recovery?

Recovery time after a brow lift is often 7-10 days, depending on the approach your surgeon uses, your age, and your overall health. For best results, follow your provider’s post-surgical instructions and attend any follow-up appointments. 

Don’t live with droopy or heavy eyebrows that make you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. Schedule a consultation at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center by phone or online today to find out if a brow lift is right for you.

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