Eyelid Surgery

Excess skin and bagginess around your eyes can add years to your appearance. At Sanctuary Cosmetic Center in McLean, Virginia, a team of experienced oculoplastic surgeons perform eyelid surgery to enhance and revitalize your eyes. Dr. Soheila Rostami, MD, FAAO, FAACS, holds double board certifications in both ophthalmology and cosmetic facial plastic surgery to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results. Call the office or book an appointment online today to learn more.

Eyelid Surgery Q&A

What is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, uses surgical interventions to remove excess skin from the upper eyelids or reduce the appearance of bags underneath the lower lids. The goal of eyelid surgery is to enhance the appearance of your eyes and improve your eyesight if excess skin impairs your peripheral vision.

Why would I need eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery can treat the physical aspects of many conditions and skin concerns, including:

Saggy skin

Aging skin naturally loses the collagen and elastin that keep it supple and tight. Along with weakening muscles around the eyes, loose skin can sag and create folds in the contours of your eyelids. In some cases, the skin above and around your eyelids droops to the point that it impairs your vision.

Eye bags

Eye bags are deposits of fat, tissue, and fluid that build up underneath the eyes. These bags often look puffy and saggy, which can dramatically diminish your self-esteem. While you may notice eye bags after a sleepless night, if rest and hydration aren’t enough to calm the swelling, eyelid surgery may be right for you.

Bulging eyes

Conditions like thyroid eye disease (TED) can give your eyes a staring, bulging appearance. This happens when your eyelids, eye muscles, and the tissue behind your eyes become inflamed and irritated.

How do surgeons perform eyelid surgery?

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Rostami has performed around 20,000 surgical eyelid procedures. Along with the expert cosmetic surgeons at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, she offers both upper and lower eyelid surgery.

Upper eyelid surgery

Upper eyelid surgery helps lift droopy skin that can impact your vision. Your provider makes an incision directly in the crease of your upper lid that’s almost invisible as it heals. She then gently lifts the lid and removes any excess skin or tissue before suturing the incision.

Lower eyelid surgery

If you have bags of fatty deposits underneath your eyes, your provider makes incisions inside your lower eyelid. She then either removes or repositions the fatty deposits to eliminate the bags. She can also make subciliary incisions, located directly beneath the lower lash line, if she needs to remove both fatty deposits and excess skin.

To see if eyelid surgery is right for you, call Sanctuary Cosmetic Center or book a visit online today.

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