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Neck Lift


Neck Lift

A neck lift, also know as platysmaplasty, is performed alone or with a facelift. When carried out alone, it is a preferred approach over a facelift. A neck lift is indicated when only the skin around the neck has shown the signs of aging such as loose folds of skin around the neck and jaws. The result is a tighter and firmer neck with more definition in the jawline.

What Is A Neck Lift?

Neck lift surgery, is a surgical procedure with the goal of correcting what is often referred to as the turkey neck or wattle. It entails tightening the loose skin around the neck and jaw line. Dr. Rostami uses two techniques to achieve ideal results for a neck lift-a platysmaplasty, which entails contouring the muscles of the neck or platysma muscle and cervicoplasty, which corrects the loose skin around the jaw and neckline. The muscle is sewn in the middle, starting just under the chin, continuing down the base of the neck and then back, in a corset fashion. The result is a defined angle in the neck and jaw line and a tight contoured neck.

Do You Need A Neck Lift?

You are a candidate for a neck lift surgery if you complain of the following:

  • Have lost elasticity and tone to the neck, or have a “turkey wattle”
  • Have jowls and excess fat under your chin
  • Have sagging bands around your jaw and neck
  • Have lost a great amount of weight leaving you with excess neck skin or double chin

Your Neck Lift Surgery Consultation With Dr. Rostami

At Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, Dr. Rostami performs all neck lift surgeries at our Tysons, VA. location. Your consultation with Dr. Rostami will consist of a range of questions, to ascertain your needs and determine whether you need a neck lift, face lift, or both. She will discuss your options, measure your face from a facial plastic surgeons perspective, go over the potential outcome of your procedure and your benefits and risks. She will then suggest the right surgical approach for you.

Neck Lift Surgery Techniques With Dr. Rostami

At Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, Dr. Rostami will perform your surgery on-site, in our state of the art, certified Surgical Suite under intravenous

Traditionally, the neck lift incision begins in the hairline, continuing around the ear and stops at the back of the hair. The neck muscles are tightened and the loose, excess skin is trimmed. When repairing the platysma muscle,

A smaller incision technique can also be used with the incision going only around the ears, resulting in a shorter incision line.

For ideal results, a neck lift can be combined with liposuction of the submental area, under the chin when there is excess fat in the area. When repairing the platysma muscle and

Q & A

What are the benefits of neck lift surgery?

Your neck will appear tighter and will match the upper part of your face; your double chin and jaw line will be improved. Your final results will certainly give you a youthful, more rested face, which in the process helps you feel more confident.

What are the risks of neck lift surgery?

As with any type of surgical procedure, infection, unfavorable scarring, bleeding, skin loss, and swelling are some of the risks associated with neck lift surgery. Risks that are specific to neck lift surgery would be discussed with you at the time of your consultation.

What is the cost associated with neck lift surgery?

The cost of your surgery will vary from one surgeon to another and whether your surgeon’s fee is inclusive of anesthesia and facility charges. Your fee will also depend on your surgeon’s experience and location. Due to the varying elements that could affect the fee quoted, most surgeons will only quote a fee at the time of consultation.

What’s in it for me?

When performed properly, a neck lift surgery results can last you up to ten years on average. By correcting the signs of aging in your neck and jawline, restoring a smooth younger looking neck, you will get a new shapely, youthful facial silhouette.

Related Procedures To Neck Lift Surgery At Sanctuary Cosmetic Center

Optimum results can be achieved when neck lift surgery is combined with other surgical or non-surgical procedures offered by Dr. Rostami at our Sanctuary Cosmetic Center practice in Fairfax. These procedures are:



  • PrecisionTX™ laser treatment for smaller area contouring, offers a non-invasive treatment to the neck and jawline using laser energy. The laser energy melts the fat below the skin surface and encourages new collagen production producing great tightening of the neck and jawline area.
  • Neurotoxin injections, such as BOTOXXeomin or Dysport, to tighten the neck area and improve the definition of the jawline. This is sometimes referred to as the Nefertiti neck lift. When neurotoxins are injected into the platysma muscles and jawline the effect weakens and relaxes those muscles, thereby providing a pulling effect to the neck and a chiseled jaw line.
  • Dermal fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm

Laser skin tightening treatments, such as Endymed, for a skin tightening effect and a lift around the neck and jawline.

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