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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation


Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

By Dr. Ayman Hakki
Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, also called Natural Breast Augmentation, refers to breast augmentation using liposuction to harvest patient’s own fat from one part of the body and inject into the breast to restore deflated or small breasts. It is the “au naturel” approach, more or less organic technique in breast augmentation and is gaining in popularity as a more natural alternative to breast augmentation with breast implants.

What Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat transfer into the breast, Breast Lipo-Augmentation, Autologous Breast Fat Injections, and breast augmentation with fat grafting are all terms used for the same techniques of breast augmentation employing fat. Regional liposuction is performed for harvesting the fat for fat transfer. This gives the patient the advantage of having liposuction, as well as breast enhancement with long lasting results. The liposuction portion technique can vary from one surgeon to another; Dr. Hakki uses standard liposuction techniques and his own unique harvesting and fat processing technique. The goal is one: to ensure the viability of the harvested fat. The extent of liposuction and amount of fat placement varies from surgeon to surgeon. At Sanctuary, Dr. Hakki’s combination of optimal viable harvested adipose tissue placed in multiple planes of the breast gives the great results he offers his patients. 

What Do I Need To Know?

Choose your surgeon: Breast Augmentation with fat transfer is a technique dependent procedure. Dr. Hakki has the expertise in the procedure and a unique and proven fat transfer technique.

Breast cancer detection: There is no evidence that breast augmentation with fat transfer interferes with cancer detection. A radiologist with a sophisticated degree of competency should be able to read and interpret your images.

Breast size: Natural breast augmentation is for someone wanting a slightly larger breast. The procedure is not for a patient looking for the kind of results that require a large implant such a saline or cohesive gel implant. Natural breast augmentation can augment your breast by one and a half to one cup size; it is your option if you are looking for a small increase in your breast size. If you desire more volume, you should have your procedure staged or opt for implants.

Breast shape: Breast augmentation with fat transfer has the advantage of allowing the surgeon more control of the shape of the breast. By concentrating on the exact placement of the harvested fat, Dr. Hakki can better create optimum cosmetic results, such as placing fat in the upper portion of the breast when more cleavage is desired or on the sides to bring in the nipple.

Fat survival: Recent studies report fat survival of up to 75-80%. This is directly dependent on proper harvesting and injection techniques but most importantly on the surgeon’s expertise. Dr. Hakki’s stellar results are proof of his expertise and his successful fat transfer technique allows for a higher fat survival. 

What Is The Recovery Period? 

An ideal recuperation period for natural breast augmentation is five days to a week or an average of seven working days. Some patients can resume their work even earlier provided they do not exert physical activity during the healing period.  You will be discharged to a family member or a caregiver with all your proper medication to begin your recuperation process. Dr. Hakki will give your care-giver your discharge instructions. Other instructions include:

  • Absolutely no cigarette smoking. Smoking will prevent your healing and beautiful transformation. 
  • You are encouraged to walk to the bathroom and around your house.
  • A follow-up postoperative visit will be scheduled for the next day. 
  • It is recommended that you wear a binder on the areas that have undergone liposuction for a minimum of two weeks after surgery. 
  • It is recommended that you resume your normal physical activities gradually in order to avoid any complications.

Your Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Consultation With Dr. Hakki 

At Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, Dr. Hakki performs all breast surgeries at our certified surgery center  in our Tysons, VA. location. Your consultation with Dr. Hakki will consist of a range of questions, to ascertain your needs and determine whether Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is for you.  

Patients often have a preferred area for their planned liposuction and have a particular, ideal breast shape in mind. While in a standing position, you and Dr. Hakki will be able to look in the mirror, at which point you may decide what areas of liposuction you want and where you want fat to be placed for a fully satisfying outcome.  To accomplish a smoother silhouette, Dr. Hakki  may still recommend additional areas of liposuction for optimal sculpturing results. You are not considered a candidate for a breast augmentation with fat transfer if you have unrealistic expectations or a medical history that does not permit you to have elective surgery. 

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