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Fraxel: Laser Skin Resurfacing

As you age, your skin’s collagen and elastin simply break down faster than your body can rebuild them. The slowed remodeling of these skin-tightening proteins causes your skin to thin, droop and lose elasticity—which often leads to wrinkles, furrows and fine lines.

If you have wrinkles on your face or around your eyes, you’ve probably had a wonderful life, rich with laughter and emotional experiences. After all, expressions like smiling, laughing, pondering and squinting naturally involve the contraction of muscles—which can lead to wrinkles, furrows and fine lines.

Many of our patients for Fraxel Northern Virginia, use this procedure for pigment, fine lines, wrinkles, scars, texture, tone, and pores.

Want bright, fresh, clear skin? This treatment is for you. We specifically picked the Fraxel Dual as the perfect resurfacing laser for our patients and community—the most impressive results with the least amount of downtime.

The Fraxel 1550nm wavelength, targets skin texture (improving deep lines and acne scars).

Can Fraxel Treat My Condition?

Traditionally, one of the hardest things to treat, but the most common complaint, is pigmentation—be it sun spots, freckles, or melasma.  It also helps fine lines, texture, pores and even pre-cancerous skin cells.

We can easily treat multiple sites off the face, including neck, chest, hands, and arms—and we can treat all skin colors and types!

The 1550nm erbium non-ablative fractional resurfacing component. It goes a little deeper—think wrinkles, acne scars, texture, and tone. What’s more, the skin gets better and better as collagen rebuilds over the next several months.

Some people need just one component, some need both.

Interested in becoming a Fraxel Northern Virginia patient? Come into Sanctuary Cosmetic Center for a complimentary consultation and find out what treatment is best for you.

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