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What is Aviclear?

Aviclear is a type of laser treatment used to treat acne. It uses a specific 1726nm wavelength of light to target and destroy the sebaceous glands, as well as reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen production. The sebaceous glands produce oil that can mix with dead skin on the surface to clog pores and cause acne.

How long will the treatment take?

During the Aviclear treatment, your provider will use a handheld device to direct the laser light onto the affected areas of the skin. The treatment is relatively quick and may take about 30 minutes. You will have 3 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart..

Does it hurt?

Aviclear uses a technology called Avicool that keeps the skin temperature cool during the treatment. This reduces discomfort and most patients tolerate the treatment well. No pain medication is needed after the procedure.

Who is a candidate?

People with mild to severe acne of any type (including cystic and hormonal) can benefit from Aviclear. Aviclear laser treatment is generally considered safe and effective for the treatment of acne, particularly for people who have not responded well to other forms of treatment, such as topical or oral medications. It is safe to use in all skin types as it does not affect the pigment cells in the skin. Aviclear can be used by people of all ages.

Why choose Aviclear at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center?

Aviclear can significantly reduce current breakouts as well as reduce the frequency and severity of future breakouts. Because it works to suppress the sebaceous gland itself, the results are long-lasting. It is an excellent alternative to medications such as Accutane and long-term antibiotic use because its side effect profile is much safer.

The negative systemic side effects of Accutane include depression, suicide, birth defects, pancreas, and kidney problems. Because Aviclear is a laser that only works on the oil-producing glands, its side effects are minimal. This makes Aviclear a safe and very effective alternative to pills or topical medications. At Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, both our doctors and master estheticians are well-trained in acne treatments and the safe use of Aviclear.


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