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Liquid Facelift


Liquid Facelift Northern Virginia

Look More Youthful Without Surgery

As we age, our faces are subjected to a wide variety of stresses and changes. Sometimes those changes show a little more quickly and a little more prominently than we would like.

In cases where aging, deep wrinkles, and stark lines are prolific in the face—where widespread aging is apparent—a surgical facelift is usually employed to produce a more youthful visage.

However, many patients prefer a less invasive and subtler approach, and that can be achieved with a procedure known as a Liquid Facelift.

What Is A Liquid Facelift?

Performed right here at the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center in Tysons Corner, VA, a liquid facelift refers to the technique used to accomplish a non-surgical facelift.

The goals of this procedure are to improve facial contouring, rejuvenate the face, and reduce wrinkles.

A liquid facelift is achieved by using advanced liquid facelift products such as dermal fillers and neuromodulators such as BOTOX® or Dysport.

Why Sanctuary Cosmetic Center?

The demand for non-surgical procedures as an alternative to the surgical facelift has exploded in the last decade. The liquid facelift has become so popular that there are now centers devoted to this procedure alone.

The liquid facelift procedures at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center are performed by our highly trained and experienced medical professionals. That’s important to emphasize because many discount chains offer similar services but without the safety and long-lasting results that you get at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center.

Dr. Rostami is an oculofacial plastic surgeon and a certified expert injector. Her expertise in injectables, in particular under the eyes and in the tear trough, has earned her the title of “The Queen of Eyes.”

The results she achieves, using advanced techniques such as the blunt-tipped cannula, provides her patients with stellar results with minimal bruising and little downtime.

What Products Are Used?

While Botox and Dysport are not fillers(they are mere muscle relaxers), they are a crucial component in the range of products used in a liquid facelift. The key is their ability to relax the muscles underneath wrinkles, which, in turn,relaxes and eliminates the wrinkles themselves.

Dermal filler products used in a liquid facelift vary, but include hyaluronic acid-based ones such as Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma or Radiesse, a calcium derivative collagen-enhancing product, or semi-permanent ones such as Bellafill and Sculptra.

Am I A Good Candidate For A Liquid Facelift?

At the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, we feel that patients in their 30s and above are excellent candidates for a liquid facelift.

Depending on your ageand the filler used,our physicians can lift your brows, plump your lips, augment your cheeks or simply rejuvenate your entire face.

Older patients may require more products and a more multi-planer approach to injections than younger ones. It all depends on your desired outcome and whether your goal is wrinkle reduction, facial contouring or an all-out lift.

Generally, good candidates for liquid facelift procedures will exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Wrinkles and lines that make the face look less youthful
  • Wrinkles and lines caused by excess skin
  • A desire to achieve results without the need for surgery
  • Wrinkles and lines that are too subtle for surgery
  • A desire to prevent the development of wrinkles and lines
  • A realistic understanding about what this procedure can accomplish and how long results will last

Benefits Of A Non Surgical Approach

A surgical facelift is an all-encompassing procedure that can lift the sagging excess skin in the face and neck. It cannot, however, solve the loss of volume in the face – but a liquid facelift can! It can fill the hollow, sunken, deflated appearance around the lower lids, the apples of the cheeks, temples, lips and upper eyelids. Another advantage of a liquid facelift and a big factor that contributes to its popularity, is that it requires little to no downtime.. Mild bruising and swelling can occur and will subside within a few days

The Liquid Facelift Procedure

Almost all liquid facelift procedures can be accomplished in as little as thirty minutes. This is a wonderful convenience for our Northern VA andWashington D.C. area liquid facelift patients—or any of our patients that are leading very busy lives! Many patients will come in during a lunch break or on their way home from work.

A topical anesthetic is usually all that is necessary to have the treatment. Your physician can also use ice on the treated area during the procedure to maximize your comfort. Most dermal filler products are mixed with lidocaine, which helps reduce the discomfort during the injections.

The injections themselves are usually performed in a relatively quick and precise fashion. In most cases, results will be visible immediately, allowing the physician an opportunity to evaluate and adjust as he or she goes. This means that it’s relatively easy to ensure that patients love their results before they leave Sanctuary Cosmetic Center.

Liquid Facelift Results

Many factors affect the duration of your results, most important of them is the liquid facelift products used. Other factors that affect the longevity of your results are the area where the fillers were injected, and the injection technique of your physician.

Best results obtained last from 10 to 18 months.

Follow up injections or touch-ups will make you require fewer treatments to hold on to your results. Botox and Dysport will require more frequent touch-ups than the fillers.

For more information on Liquid Face Lift and to join our thrilled Washington DC liquid facelift patients, please contact our office for a complimentary consultation.

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