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Serotonin Plus® Weight Loss In Virginia

As a part of offering a comprehensive health and wellness, Sanctuary has partnered with Serotonin-Plus for safe and responsible weight loss. The weight loss program has a high success rate and monitors your progress until you achieve your ideal, healthy weight. Serotonin is approved by the FDA as a prescription appetite suppressant and can control carbohydrate cravings, binge eating and depression. We offer Serotonin Plus for premier weight loss Virginia.

Obesity Is A Leading Cause Of Health Issues In America

Nearly 67% of Americans are over-weight and over 30% are obese. For the first time ever, Americans are expected to live shorter lives than their parents. Americans are spending 50 billion dollars a year on weight loss. Why are people overweight? People are turning to low-cost, fast foods. Dual-working parents make convenient food easier and stress-induced binge-eating. At schools, there are full-sugar sodas, while our lives are increasingly immobile. The CDC has identified that obesity is the number 1 health concern in America today.

Serotonin Plus And Weight Loss Virginia

A number of neurotransmitters involved in the weight-loss. Stress produces increase cortisol which changes eating and weight gain. Serotonin is available at natural levels in foods like Bananas and nuts. Inside the bloodstream Serotonin is metabolized and most is found in the gastrointestinal track. While it is found in small levels in the brain, it has a profound effect on the brain. Serotonin imbalance is connected to carbohydrate cravings, satiety, Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, migraine headaches, pre-menstrual syndrome, and IBS. Different receptors in the brain and body for Serotonin explain all the different effects. Some of those receptors are involved in food cravings and satiety. Anti-depressants called SSRIs increase Serotonin levels at the receptors in the brain.

Developed by Dr. Robert Posner, MD Serotonin-Plus is meant to support your efforts with medication and monitoring in the office. That way, you aren’t alone in achieving your weight loss goals. The program provides support and structure to help you make life-long changes. Developed as a weight loss Virginia program.

When people have an imbalance of Serotonin then your mind and body crave carbohydrates and you fell mentally depressed. The goal of this program is not to do a short-term fad diet and to have a healthy relationship with food. When you lose weight you improve your self-esteem and energy. In addition, good weight means good health. Doctor developed and endorsed, Serotonin Plus is meant to help you loose the weight and keep it off. Call today to ask more!

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