The Truth Behind CoolSculpting: Does It Hurt?

CoolSculpting Northern Virginia

Does CoolSculpting hurt? How does it work? Where can I get it?

Internet rumors and competing treatment methods have got many confused about CoolSculpting Northern Virginia and it what it’s all about.

Regardless of the rumors, this revolutionary treatment has become a hit with men and women across the country to help target unwanted body fat.

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting Northern Virginia is a FDA approved procedure to remove unwanted body fat which has not responded to diet and exercise alone.

This popular non-invasive treatment uses a proprietary cooling technology to target the fat cells in a specific area until they are destroyed.

These fat cells are then metabolized naturally out of your body.

Does CoolSculpting Hurt?

Due to the nature of the CoolSculpting treatment, it is understandable that many patients are concerned about pain during their CoolSculpting session.

According to the company website, most of the pain or numbness associated with CoolSculpting Northern Virginia is due to the freezing effects of the application during the session.

Many patients also experience a pinching or pulling sensation as the fat cells are targets during your treatment.

However, it is important to note that these feelings of discomfort generally only last between 5 to 10 minutes out of the entire 1-hour procedure.

What To Expect After Your Treatment

Some patients may experience minor pain, itching or swelling following their treatment.

Depending on the treatment area, you may experience more pain in certain locations than others.

For example, the abdomen is an area which can be more vulnerable to pain from CoolSculpting Northern Virginia.

Pain or side effects from CoolSculpting generally recede within a few weeks following your treatment session.

Are There Risks Involved?

As with most treatments, there are certain risks involved, however they are minor. Check out the video below to see Dr. Rostami discussing that very topic:

Learn More About CoolSculpting Northern Virginia

If you are interested in CoolSculpting Northern Virginia and would like to meet with an expert to know what to expect, the professionals at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center are here to help.

Our team of highly trained CoolSculpting professionals can answer any questions or concerns you have surrounding CoolSculpting.

Contact us online or call us at (703) 873-7728 today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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