Plastic Surgery Trends: The Perfect Jawline

Like many women and men, you may not be entirely happy with your jawline and looking to achieve a more sculpted look or refined profile.

Fortunately, there are a number of surgical and nonsurgical options for reshaping the jawline, correcting jowls, and adjusting chin projection and length.

Here are five plastic surgery trends to consider in your quest for the perfect jawline.

5 Plastic Surgery Trends For The Perfect Jawline

1. Strategically Placed Fillers To Combat Jowls

Injectables are one of the most popular plastic surgery trends right now.

While a hyaluronic acid dermal filler like Juvederm Voluma can augment cheeks and rejuvenate the midface, it is also able to lift the corners of the mouth, smooth nasolabial folds, and diminish jowls.

Accordingly, more and more patients are seeking injectables to enhance facial contours and achieve the perfect jawline.

2. Cheek Augmentation To Balance The Chin

For individuals with a prominent chin, a cheek augmentation with fillers or an autologous fat transfer can restore balance and improve proportions.

3. Non-Invasive Treatments To Create A More Chiseled And Defined Jawline

Noninvasive treatments are among the top plastic surgery trends for those seeking a chiseled jawline.

In fact, fillers, thread lifts, and energy-based skin tightening treatments all have the ability to reshape the jawline and make it appear more defined.

4. Silicone Implant Or Dermal Fillers For A Recessed Chin

If you suffer from a recessed chin and want a stronger jawline, a silicone chin implant or dermal fillers may offer an ideal solution. Both of these approaches can add length to the face to increase facial harmony.

5. Chin Reduction For A More Refined Profile

A chin reduction is able to remove a small portion of bone in order to subtly refine an individual’s profile.

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