How CoolSculpting “Freezes” Away Stubborn Fat

If you’ve accomplished the great feat of achieving a healthy body weight, congratulations!. However, you may still wonder about how to target specific body parts that seem to hang on to stubborn fat. 

Unfortunately, you can’t “spot reduce” by concentrating your exercise efforts on the body areas still plagued by excess fat. When you lose fat through diet and exercise, you lose it over your entire body, with a relatively even distribution of fat loss.  

Those bulging, fatty areas that don’t respond to diet or exercise are caused by an excess of fat cells that are guided by your genetics. Typically, even after achieving healthy weight loss, you could still have fatty bulges on your torso, limbs, and under your chin.

Until recently, the only choice to eliminate fat was through a surgical procedure, such as liposuction. Now, however,  there’s a noninvasive way to smooth out those bumps and bulges, so you can finally attain the perfectly contoured body you’ve always wanted.

At Sanctuary Cosmetic Center in Tysons, Virginia, our team of plastic surgeons and aesthetic experts uses revolutionary CoolSculpting® technology to target your problem areas and freeze away fat in a comfortable, relaxing session. Here’s what you need to know.

How CoolSculpting works

Diet- and exercise-resistant pockets of fat develop because you actually have more fat cells in those areas than you do on other parts of your body. Although dieting may shrink the fat cells, it doesn’t eliminate them. Even though you lost weight, those pockets remain fattier and more bulging than areas where you don’t have excess fat cells.

Exercise is great for toning muscle and burning fat, but it doesn’t eliminate excess fat cells. CoolSculpting does.

Traditionally, surgical liposuction was the go-to method for removing fat cells from your body, However, CoolSculpting gets the job done without needles, incisions, bruising, pain, or downtime. 

CoolSculpting lowers the temperature of your fat cells so that they shut down and crystallize. Over the next several months, your body breaks down those dead, crystallized fat cells and processes them through your lymphatic system. Because your body doesn’t regenerate the eliminated fat cells, they’re gone for good.

One of the benefits of CoolSculpting is that it’s safe. Fat freezes at a higher temperature than water does, so your skin, organs, muscles, and other tissues aren’t affected by the CoolSculpting process.

CoolSculpting re-contours your body

CoolSculpting starts with an in-depth consultation with your Sanctuary Cosmetic Center doctor.  We listen to your unique journey and discuss your ideal body image and aesthetic goals. We then carefully sculpt your silhouette into a smooth new you by contouring problem areas such as:

You’re finally in control of where and when you lose fat. Each CoolSculpting treatment eliminates up to 20-25% of fat at a time. You may be happy after just one session, or continue for as many as three sessions, leaving about a month of processing time between treatments.

Although CoolSculpting freezes away inches of extra, unwanted fat, it isn’t a weight-loss program. If you’re obese or are significantly overweight, it’s best to start with a healthy diet and exercise program to get you close to your goal weight. Once you’re there, CoolSculpting helps you the rest of the way. 

The benefits of CoolSculpting 

In contrast to liposuction, CoolSculpting has two huge advantages: It’s painless, and it requires no downtime. 

You can expect your CoolSculpting session to be not only pain-free, but also downright comfortable. Many of our patients relax and read a book or catch up on emails. 

The waiting period may be the hardest part of CoolSculpting, as your body takes two to three months to eliminate all of the dead fat cells. However, even after a few weeks, you start to see the CoolSculpting difference, so you can decide whether you’re satisfied or want to go on to a second or third treatment.   

CoolSculpting tightens skin

Although some permanent fat-removal techniques leave you with loose, saggy skin, CoolSculpting doesn’t. Its patented cryolipolysis method of freezing away fat also triggers your skin to tighten up as the fat volume gradually decreases. In fact, CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment for tightening loosened submental (under the chin) skin during double-chin removal.

Keep your CoolSculpting contour

If you want to maintain your smooth new look (and you will!), you must stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine. Even though you’ll have fewer fat cells than before, the remaining fat cells could expand if you aren’t careful.

Each person’s weight loss and body-contouring journey is different. If you’ve lost pounds but still have bulges of fat that you can’t get rid of no matter how much you ramp up your exercise or limit your caloric intake, we can help you break through those barriers without downtime or scars.

To find out if you’re a candidate for permanent fat removal with CoolSculpting, call us today at 703-873-7728, or contact us online.

Individual results may vary.

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