Body Contouring Near McLean Virginia

It’s not uncommon for women and men to become frustrated with fat pockets that are resistant to both diet and exercise.

In an effort to get rid of these unwanted bulges, many individuals consider fat removal treatments and wonder: Where can I find body contouring near McLean, Virginia?

If you are ready to eliminate unwanted fat and boost your body confidence, CoolSculpting can offer a safe, effective, and non-surgical solution.

Continue reading to learn all about CoolSculpting, including how this body contouring treatment differs from weight loss.

How Do I Find Body Contouring Near Me?

If you struggle with stubborn fat bulges, you may be wondering: How do I find body contouring near me? Can CoolSculpting eradicate excess fat once and for all? Am I a good candidate?

While CoolSculpting offers a quick, comfortable, and clinically-proven way to freeze and destroy fat cells, it’s not a weight loss treatment.

Rather, CoolSculpting is designed to specifically target trouble spots with a patented cooling technology. In doing so, it destroys fat cells and creates a slimmer and more streamlined silhouette.

It’s ideal for women and men who are close to their ideal weight and shape and would like to improve the look and contours of certain parts of the body.

What’s The Difference Between CoolSculpting And Weight Loss?

CoolSculpting and weight loss affect fat cells very differently.

By the time you reach adolescence or adulthood, you have a finite number of fat cells that will not change. However, when you lose weight through diet and exercise, your fat cells shrink and your body appears slimmer. This also means that you will see the numbers on your scale decrease.

With that being said, fat cells remain in place and can still expand in the future.

This is in stark contrast to CoolSculpting, which actually freezes and kills targeted fat cells. The destroyed fat cells are then eliminated from the body by the lymphatic system. So, once they’ve been removed, they are gone for good.

Pinpoint Trouble Spots With CoolSculpting

Not only does CoolSculpting permanently remove unwanted fat cells, it also allows patients to spot reduce fat and sculpt their bodies in a way that’s not possible with diet and exercise alone.

Accordingly, if you have fat on areas – like the abdomen, flanks, thighs, hips, arms, back, and chin – that persist no matter what you do, you’re likely an excellent candidate for CoolSculpting.

I’m Interested In Body Contouring Near Me – How Do I Get Started?

If you are considering CoolSculpting near McLean, Virginia, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Rostami and Dr. Naz.


We look forward to seeing how we can help you achieve a new level of confidence. Contact our team to set up a private consultation and explore everything we have to offer at Washington, D.C.’s premier cosmetic provider.

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