Best Treatments For The Holidays

Has winter weather made your skin look dull and feel rough? Are you looking for a way to get a glowing complexion for Christmas parties or a family vacation? Do you want to slim and tone your waistline before the new year?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a non-surgical cosmetic procedure can refresh your appearance in time for the holidays.

Continue reading for four of the best treatments for the holidays.

What Are The Best Treatments For The Holidays?


Botox is undoubtedly one of the best treatments for the holidays. When injected into targeted facial muscles, Botox and other neurotoxins block communication between nerves and muscles.

This temporarily prevents muscle contraction and relaxes wrinkles and lines.

Botox takes effect in three-to-five days and produces a smooth, refreshed, and more youthful appearance – just in time for a holiday party or family gathering!

Dermal Fillers

Like Botox, dermal fillers are an injectable treatment that’s especially popular around the holidays. While there are a variety of filler options to choose from, they are all designed to restore volume and improve facial contours without surgery or downtime.

It also helps that most fillers, including RestylaneJuvederm, and Belotero, produce immediate results and enable you to look and feel your best this time of year.

Skin Rejuvenation

If your skin is showing signs of dullness, dryness, discoloration, or aging, a skin rejuvenation treatment can offer an ideal solution.

Procedures like microneedling, laser resurfacing, and chemical peels can address virtually any dermatological concern and improve overall skin tone and texture.

Depending on your skin type, needs, goals, and time frame, a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon can recommend the most appropriate treatment option.

Non-Surgical Fat Removal And Body Contouring

Nonsurgical fat removal, including CoolSculptingKybella, and CoolTone, are some of the best treatments for the holidays and can assist you in getting a head-start on your 2020 body goals.

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